Onboard meals - FAQs

Can I pre-book my meal on-board my flight?
If you have a particular meal preference, you may request this on the airline’s website using the reference number at the top of your eticket (airline info). Alternatively, you can choose a preferred meal option during your online flight booking. Please note meal requests cannot be guaranteed.

Will I have to pay for onboard meals?
Most long haul scheduled flights will include at least one meal, however some will charge locally and increasingly, airlines are withdrawing second meal services on long haul flights below a certain duration. Please check directly with your airline.

Must I pre-book my meals?
If a meal is included on your flight, then a standard meal will be provided to you. If you would prefer a particular meal, your request must be sent to the airline no later than 72 hours prior to departure.

I am travelling with an infant – are infants provided with a meal?
The majority of airlines will not provide a meal of any kind for an infant. Please ensure you take baby food and milk for your infant when travelling.