Online check-in

What do I need in order to check-in online?
You will need a valid passport and your booking reference to hand. You may also be asked to verify other details from your reservation.

When can I check-in online?
Some airlines will not allow online check-in until 1 week before departure, some 36 hours and some 24 hours prior to departure. There are many variations so it is important to check the airline's website.

What happens if I cannot check-in online with my airline?
If the airline for your booking doesn't permit online check-in, you may then check in at the airport. Bring your original travel confirmation to check in.

Check-in times at the Airport
  • For domestic flights, we suggest you get to the airport 90 minutes before departure.
  • For international flights, we suggest you get to the airport 2 to 3 hours before departure.
Always consider more time to check-in during peak travel seasons!

How do I Check-in online?
Checking-in online should be straight forward, either at the time of booking or afterwards through the online check-in section on the airlines website.