Seats and Seat Requests FAQs

Requesting and booking specific seats before travel.
Almost all airlines permit you to choose your own seat, subject to a fee. There are now many different categories of seat. In some cases, seat requests will be free of charge but in most cases there will be an extra charge.

Most airlines permit a seat request after you have completed your booking online. It is very important that you contact the airline as soon as possible following completion of your booking to ensure you have the chance to request your preferred seat.

Changes and refunds in relation to airline seats
Airlines cannot and will not guarantee that your seat is reserved. This is because there may be an aircraft change for operational reasons before you travel, sometimes occurring at the time of travel. Airlines sometimes change aircraft type to accommodate varying load factors and for other reasons. When changes such as these are made, reserved seats are re-assigned and individuals may lose the seat they selected.

What does it cost?
This option is free on some airlines, but increasingly, airlines are applying charges for specific seats or seat types. This will probably not apply if you require disability assistance (in certain circumstances) or if you are travelling as part of a large group where seats can often be assigned together without charge. On lower fares which include hand baggage only, there will almost always be an extra charge. You will be able to find out the costs of choosing your seats on the airline’s website.

How or when do I request my seat?
Requesting your seat is possible at the time of booking or at a later date through the "manage my booking" section on the airlines website.